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hey all you people

2008-10-13 18:33:01 by buttbutt22

I actually might be posting flash animations soon!
I hope they are good, because they are already made, but I can't get them into the F**K**G format!!!!!
CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME???????????????

sorry4 the delay...

2007-12-30 22:13:01 by buttbutt22

my sax player broke his arms in a snowboard accident

new song coming soon!

2007-12-04 22:11:19 by buttbutt22

I will be making a new song soon and not only will it have trumpet, but saxophone, too! (I hope to add trombone and a drum to it as well)

I made the title...

2007-12-04 22:02:48 by buttbutt22


im still working on it. this animating stuff is really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm ready to smash this $@#% computer!!!!

hey all you people

2007-11-13 18:21:44 by buttbutt22

im working on a flash movie!!!!!!!!! thats all.


2007-11-02 18:17:25 by buttbutt22

I really don't get why people don't like my songs. I just want to see how good I am at this stuff. I guess i'm not.